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            Charlz Williams

Picture a shy introvert skinny High School teen with a bushy head of hair preferring to spend recess and lunch breaks in the      school's library                     and not on the playground because books were far more interesting. Books about piloting              airplanes and                       traveling to places far from that small-town Arkansas schoolhouse.   That skinny teen was me and I developed a                       love for Literature class because I saw images and heard descriptions of foreign life styles that sounded much                    more exciting than the life I lived doing chores after school and on weekends. Students were at times asked to read aloud in Literature class so, I volunteered after becoming bored stiff listening to other students read without inflection or energy. I decided that I would read with gusto and character which by-the-way was non-characteristic for this shy kid at the time. But maybe I was ready to come out of my shell. It was not long before every student in class eagerly raised their hands volunteering to read only to defer their opportunity to me, "Let Charlz read for me!". So, I put on a one character show every time I read which got the attention of our school's Speech teacher and play director. I loved the attention I was getting so much that I allowed myself to get talked into becoming a cast member in a High School play production. I was so happy to cast that I accepted the role of Sol Silverstein. I forget now the name of that play but I was unaffected when told that my character, Silverstein was Jewish. Why? In my little country town I knew there were two kinds of people, black and white. I did not know there were Jewish people. So, back to the library I went looking for pictures of Jewish people only to discover...they are white! My wonderful performance reviews got the attention                                                    of Fran Franklin, Director for the Senior Class production of Man of La Mancha, at the University                                             of Arkansas who located me as soon as I enrolled as a Freshman and asked me to audition for                                                    her production. Aware that I would audition with seniors who had four years of theater training                                                    under their belt I reluctantly went to the audition. I did not know that Man of La Mancha was a                                                      musical and I was in no shape or form anything close to a singer. So, I said, " I am sorry but, I                am not a singer and cannot audition today".  Mrs. Franklin asked me to sit through everyone's audition before asking                                                 me to follow her to the rear of the theater. She opened the exit door and asked me to step                                                            outside. I thought, "Wow. This is really bad". She stepped outside with me leaving her                                                        foot blocking the door ajar and said, "You are intimidated by these seniors. Aren't you? I said,                                                  "Yes. And I can't sing". She said, "I saw you in your High School play and you have a lot of                                                   talent potential. Now repeat after me. Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do". I repeated several times following                                                 her pitch level instructions. She said, "You'll do". So, that is how my thespian life story started,                                                   Mrs. Franklin cast me behind the theater. I learned and sang my heart out singing a solo                                                          version of 'Knight of the Woeful Countenance' and was awarded Best Supporting Actor                                                       for my performance playing the Governor & Inn Keeper.  Moving my story along, I am                                                    skipping over other life events including military service to shorten my story of how I became an actor. Many life events came and went but, performing arts remained and, over time, I developed a love for complex characters regardless of whether stories were filmed or staged. Eventually, I put life's episodes behinds me and relocated to Southern California "Hollywood" where I appeared on Netflix, CBS Paramount Network Television, feature length films, stage productions, IGTV, and Shorts TV. Many films I appeared in entered film festivals which made it possible for me to win multiple festival Best Actor Awards and a Best Supporting Actor Nomination. When not acting, some of my recreational pastimes are flying airplanes, riding motorcycles, riding horses, and trail runs.‚Äč